The Sisters ...

Artist Created Glass Beads. Lampwork. Our passion, vision, energy.

                            Treasures created in fire.  

We are Denise and Diane, the 2 Bead Sisters, and yes, we are Sisters. We live 2 hours away from each other, we both work in our own studios, so for us, a bead show is family time, time to catch up on sister talk, family talk and our favorite : Bead talk. When you visit our table, we may be in the middle of designing, laughing, or even having a sisters sort of moment. It is all good. And the best news is what happens at the Sisters Table, stays at the Sisters Table!!


Diane has a background in art, and has moved forward in her life to translate all of her knowledge and experience into glass. She is also the Mahjong  queen, babysitter of Weiner dogs, and a representing artist at the Orchard Artworks. 


Denise actually learned to create beads first, and she loves to play in the torch until the glass sings and speaks to her. She is a Breast Cancer survivor so being on the torch has gotten complicated, but she isn't giving it up.